Help to reshape how work is done

We develop solutions for DE SINGEL, Orange, be•at (Sportpaleis Group), Royal Antwerp FC, HCI, Remant Transport Architects, Ancienne Belgique and Foodbag among others. We’re set up in a funky loft office near “Het Eilandje” in Antwerp.


Work matters

You’ll be working for a large part of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to be doing something relevant and challenging? In an inspiring place with passionate colleagues?

At Sparklink, we think large-scale, fundamental improvements can be made in how people work and live by cleverly employing innovative technology. That way, people can return to dealing with the heart of the matter. With these things computers and software will never be able to take over. To be able to collaborate on that does really matter.

People matter(s)

When people know full well what they’re making and why they’re making it, they make something better. That’s why at Sparklink, people are really involved in the project they’re working on. That way we can make better applications.

When we trust competent people and give them full responsibility, we find we don’t need quite so many rules and micromanagement. We’d rather invest our time and energy in personal development, training, and coaching.

Read how software engineers Wouter, Helleh en Lander experience working at Sparklink.

Culture matters

We are organized wisely around humans instead of around structures and procedures. We treat adults as adults, put people above organizational modes, and see freedom and self-interest as the basis for collective alignment.

We do this because we wish for everyone to have a fulfilling and productive working life and a healthy work life balance, while allowing Sparklink to generate healthy, sustainable profits.

Sparklink is organized around some of the insights Ricardo Semler has brought to the business world. Want to learn more about how he's changing the workplace, check out this TEDtalk: Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life or his book "Maverick"(EN) or "Semco Style" (NL).