Building smart business applications and making work easier for our customers

We are looking for a software engineer with a passion for optimizing business processes, user-friendly applications, and smart solutions. We are looking for someone with a great affinity for technology who enjoys trying out new stuff, someone with analytical thinking skills who strives for "fundamentally better". We work with JavaScript(TypeScript)/Angular for our interfaces and Java/Apex with SQL/SOQL for our backend. Don't worry if you don't know all that yet. We invest in people who have mastered at least one modern programming language (Java, .NET, C#, ...) and have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. School-leavers are also welcome!


As a developer, you will take care of one or more of the following tasks. The items in brackets are the skills required for a particular task. You may not yet have mastered everything. With us, you will get the chance to develop your skills as you go along.

  • Developing data models and technical description based on functional analysis (data modelling, analysis, business process experience)
  • Developing back-end logic to automate and support business processes (Java/Apex, SQL/SOQL, data modelling, bulk data handling, data migration,,, Heroku)
  • Developing dynamic, ultra-responsive, user-friendly interfaces to make complex business processes understandable and manageable (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM manipulation (native), promises, object-oriented programming, AngularJS, Angular 2.0)
  • Application integration (Java/Apex, SQL/SOQL, data modelling, bulk data handling, experience with APIs, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP)
  • Developing test code to automatically test interfaces and back end processes for errors (JavaScript, Java/Apex)
  • Describing user acceptance test scenarios and carrying them out (analysis, usability, experience with business processes)
  • Communicating with project and account managers about the status of projects (pro-active, taking the initiative, consciously handling budgets and time, understanding complex processes)
  • Analysing, converting, and migrating of data from an old data model to a new data model. (data migration, analysis, spreadsheets)
  • Discussing problems and creative solutions with your colleagues (pro-active, taking the initiative, consciously dealing with budgets and time, understanding complex processes)
  • Analysing and communicating the difficulty and estimated time of possible solutions (analysis, conscious use of budgets and time)
  • Following up on, managing and resolving end customer feedback (customer friendliness, budget and time awareness, analysis, solution orientation)
  • Attending (online) courses and exams to keep your knowledge sharp, continuous expansion of your knowledge
Museum aan de stroom (MAS)

Never before has technology had such an impact on how we live and work. Sparklink shows entrepreneurs what can be done by making smart use of all these new cloud possibilities.

We develop solutions for DE SINGEL, Orange, HCI, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Foodcareplus, Ancienne Belgique, Foodbag, be•at (Sportpaleis Group) and Royal Antwerp FC. among others. We strive to fundamentally improve how companies work internally as well as how they deal with prospects and customers.

At Sparklink, too, we aim to do things significantly better. The people who work for us are responsible and free, and are involved to the max. Everyone joins in thinking about what we can do better and how. We have noticed that that is the way people get the most satisfaction from what they do.

Software Engineers Lander, Wouter, and Helleh tell you all about it in this video.


  • A real opportunity to fundamentally change organizations and businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • You receive trust, freedom, and responsibility. Individual ownership, but also team effort.
  • The opportunity to make a significant contribution to projects with interesting content and great impact.
  • A job in a company working with top technology.
  • A competitive salary package and more.
  • We have been doing hybrid work for a while now. So you would be working at home and in Antwerp, in our office near the MAS.
  • Growth opportunities in a young and ambitious company with an innovative HR approach


Please send an email with your motivation and CV to

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