Smart Job Planning and Execution at HCI

The planning of jobs, people, vehicles and equipment in the highly regulated chemical industry is a complex process. HCI had a diverse application landscape, ranging from custom developed software to complicated spreadsheets and word docs trying to master the process.

Sparklink developed a suite of connected business apps to help HCI get the job done in a smarter and more efficient way. All information is now stored only once, and everything is interconnected.

"Before, we had way too many different systems and sheets, all little silos of data. Now, it’s one transversal customer platform and there’s only one version of the truth."says Yann De Wael, Operational Manager at HCI.

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Building a smarter planning Application

A first step into smarter planning for HCI was to be able to get up-to-date information about jobs, vehicles, people and equipment. So our Training and Qualifications App for example not only shows people’s certifications status, but also takes care of the renewal and training process up to automated SMS reminders for training courses. It also facilitates the communication of active certifications of employees to customers.

Building a smarter planning Application

The platform we developed on takes care of the following:

  • Leads, Opportunities and Quotes App

    One central place for all information about new customers and projects, allowing for easier creation of complex quotes and an always up-to-date forecast.

  • Training and Qualifications App

    HCI employees need one or more qualifications to be able to perform their job. Management of qualifications and related training in-house ass well as via external training partners. Qualification App to quickly find qualified people for the job.

  • Vehicle and Equipment Inspection App

    App that allows the follow-up of incidental and planned vehicle maintenance and certification. The same goes for certain pieces of equipment HCI uses.

  • App for the follow-up of job related non-conformities

    HCI takes safety very serious. To be able to monitor and improve on job related issues we developed an app that helps in logging and analyzing non-conformities and facilitates making structural improvements.

  • Job planning App

    The job planning department of HCI has a challenging job trying to fit jobs with qualified people, vehicles and equipment, all while respecting regulations and contract agreements. We’ve build an app that helps them in doing just that by bringing together all of the information, rules and needed functionality in one smart planning user interface.

  • Integrated Twilio SMS App

    HCI employees in the field receive job related communication via an integrated SMS app on the Salesforce platform that allows for manual and automated SMS messages and replies.

  • Time Tracking and Invoicing App

    Once jobs are completed invoices are generated based on time spent, vehicles, equipment and materials used. Generated invoices of course respect any contract agreed rates and terms and conditions.

  • Warehouse Management App

    HCI has a big own warehouse and vehicle maintenance workshop. To keep track of stock and usage of equipment and materials we’ve built a Warehouse Management System in the cloud that integrates in the Job planning App.

  • Automated Customer Feedback App

    HCI is asking regular feedback from it’s customers. We developed an App that automates creating, inviting and reporting on customers’ evaluation.

"Before, we had way too many different systems and sheets, all little silos of data. Now, it’s one transversal customer platform and there’s only one version of the truth."
Yann De Wael Operational Manager at HCI
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